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Herbert Smith Freehills

Herbert Smith Freehills

Support Manager

“Teneo are a professional and competent supplier of legal translations and are approved suppliers to Herbert Smith Freehills”.

Case Study 1

LAB / TSG Website

This international software provider wanted to enter new markets in Japan, Germany and Holland and needed a full suite of marketing assets such as translating their corporate video , together with voiceovers and additional localised SEO work. See how Teneo added value to the project here.


Founded over 15 years ago, LAB works with enterprise-level organisations to implement successful digital strategies and to design, build and market digital brands and experiences. Featured in The Drum’s Top 100 Independent Agencies.

LAB has developed a unique approach to digital transformation consulting that uses psychological research to identify the emotional and irrational desires of their clients’ audience.By gaining a deeper understanding of their clients’ customers and business, they design strategies that are deeply effective and deliver real results.


One of Lab’s clients, TSG – an automated payments software producer (among other things) wanted to enter new markets in Japan, Germany & the Netherlands. As LAB is a leading digital marketing agency, they wanted to maintain the high quality of their SEO work, so didn’t just want to localise the existing English site but to also make sure that the new sites had the same amount of traction as the existing. There were also marketing assets including a corporate video, which needed localising. In order to do this effectively, it was decided to produce a voiceover for the existing video.


Teneo Translations conducted an audit of the client’s competitors’ SEO strategies and mapped their keyword strengths and weaknesses. We conducted keyword research using SEMrush and Google’s keyword planner to ascertain the keywords being used.

This then informed the localisation of TSG’s new websites, which were produced on time and to budget.

After careful selection of the VO talents, we were able to supply a smoothly dubbed new video in the target language. The VO talents worked off a script that we had translated for them.

120,000 words translated from English to Russian, edited and proofread in only 5 days? Global Law firm HSF needed both speed and confidentiality and Teneo stepped up to the plate. Read more about this demanding project here.

Case Study 2

Herbert Smith Freehills


Herbert Smith Freehillsis one of the largest law firms in the world, with offices in over 30 countries and thousands of employees. It is a leading law firm in the international business sector.


HSF needed a large document translated from English into Russian. It was approximately 120,000 words and, given its sensitive nature, needed to be accurately and quickly turned around in 5 working days. In addition to the initial translation, TT needed to edit, proofread and re-format the final document.

As a result of the large volume of words, TT needed to put together a large team of legally experienced linguists to deliver the document on the date promised. The team was thoroughly briefed and any issues with difficult concepts that needed to be standardised were identified and discussed. Consequently, the team built up a glossary of terms which was used in the tools we use harmonise our translations (link to technology page). Our editors were as experienced as the initial translators and so were comfortable with the subject matter being discussed.


The project was delivered on time and within budget. The quality of the translation was very high and we received the following message from the lead lawyer on the project:

I found working with your team extremely smooth, and really appreciated your communication about realistic deadlines for a substantial job (while turning things around quickly) and then keeping to the timescales requested.

Senior Associate Herbert Smith Freehills

You can’t take a chance with safety and so when Flint Ink needed 190,000 words of Health and Safety documentation translated into 11 languages they chose Teneo to manage the project. Learn how we succeeded here.

Case Study 3

Flint Group 1 


Flint Group is one of the largest suppliers to the printing and packaging industry worldwide, Flint Ink was founded in the US in 1920 and grew consistently over time to become an internationally renowned supplier of printing inks and colourants. The 2007 acquisition of Day International completed the product line, substantially increasing Flint Group’s global position in the non-ink pressroom consumables market.

FG employs around 6800 people around the world in 140 locations.


All the FG sites are subject to their strict health and safety policy. There are a number of hazardous materials and processes that are stored/take place on these sites.

In order to ensure maximum safety around the world, TT was tasked with translating the entire Health and Safety manual and all the relevant working practice documents and H&S datasheets.

This amounted to over 190,000 words which were required in 11 new languages.


This was successfully achieved and the new policies were rolled out across all countries. The project took 12 weeks to deliver and was universally accepted by the in-country teams.

The Flint Group remains a valuable client of Teneo Translations and our working relationship goes back over 7 years.

Flint Group 2 –


Flint Group employs around 6800 people around the world in 140 locations. These locations are spread around the globe and so communications between people and departments can be disrupted by the language barrier. This is particularly the case when the directors want to send messages of support and information to various people across the world. One of the ways this is done is by holding ‘Town Hall’ virtual meetings. Whilst these were developed in English, the audiences speak over 12 different languages. As a result, the messages needed to be translated but as it was video-based, there needed to be subtitles burnt into the videos.


Teneo Translations were asked to transcribe the English video into English, then translate the transcriptions into 12 languages and have the translations burnt into subtitles for local use.

The translation of a transcription for subtitling is more difficult than a standard translation because there is a need to adhere to the timecoding, which only allows a certain number of characters per line. This is particularly challenging in languages such as German and Spanish, where the translation process increases the character length by up to 25%.


TT delivered the project within a week.

Case Study 4


THE CRM are a dynamic BTL marketing agency. Their unique combination of skills in CRM strategy, data-led customer analytics, award-winning creative design, change management and seamless technical delivery, make them the perfect partner for any sized organisation looking to harness the power of email marketing. They advise on the right things to do and how to leverage CRM tools and techniques to deliver effective, compelling, objective-busting customer communications.

THE CRM and Teneo Translations have been partners in truly localising the marketing content of a number of prestigious brands for the past 4 years.  Teneo takes THE CRM’s hard-hitting English copy and ensures that it retains its impact and intent in a different language.


One of the many campaigns that Teneo has helped localise was a sequence of emails for Adobe which revolved around the concept of the periodic table; this gave opportunities for a number of stunning images as well as some well-crafted wordplay on some chemistry subjects. Unfortunately, whilst there were various puns in the emails which worked beautifully in English, these could not be translated directly into German and French without becoming nonsensical.


As a result, Teneo’s specialist marketing translators had to transcreate the copy from scratch, coming up with slightly different concepts which were perfectly tailored for Adobe’s target markets.