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Native to Greece and Cyprus and the official language of parts of Albania, the Greek language has the longest documented history of any living Indo-European language.

Although originating in a relatively small country its worldwide influence cannot be underestimated and as the mother tongue of Homer, Aristotle and Plato, the Greek language has an important place in European history.

Today the majority of scientific terms coined will have a Greek or Latin root and the International Scientific Vocabulary is replete with Greek terms and words such as ‘academy’, ‘dinosaur’, ‘photography and ‘metropolis’ all have their origins here.

Many languages also use structures, grammatical rules and syntax that originated in the Greek language and the influence is such that in 2018 the Italians began an initiative to celebrate ‘Greek language day’.

Generally acknowledged as the world’s first lingua franca, Koine or ‘common’ Greek is the root of today’s standard form that is used in official documents and is the most widely spoken.

The Greek Diaspora has spread the language as far afield as the US, Australia, Canada, Russia and Libya, it is one of the European Union’s official languages and it is estimated that there are 14m native Greek speakers around the world.

Teneo is able to provide you with native Greek speakers for your project who can translate, interpret or transcribe your material into or from Greek into any language.

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