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Human Resources

HR & Internal Communications translations

Human Resources

Staffing is an area that requires the utmost sensitivity as getting it wrong can be incredibly damaging for team morale.

Many jurisdictions have strict rules around HR processes and procedures and making a mistake can be very costly for any company.

Therefore, it is important that no chances are taken with HR documentation translation.

We believe that it is vital that any translation in this area is handled by local, native speakers who understand the nuances of the target language and the cultural sensitivities that are inherent.

Our translators will work with your local HR team to convert your central policies and procedures into something that is fitting for its location.

Interpretation services for HR

Many global companies will have migratory workforces that move across borders.

There can be times where HR procedures are in train for workers who have only a rudimentary understanding of the local language.

Teneo can provide interpreters at short notice using remote means to make sure that the staff member understands fully what is happening and in consequence ensuring that the procedure is compliant with local rules.

Company comms are important

Marketing Translation

Communication is the key to great staff relations and companies are coming to understand this now more than ever.

Letting people know what is happening, thanking them for their work and giving them a sight of the aims and mission of the company is vital if morale is to be kept high.

Businesses will often have newsletters or staff information pages on their website that achieves this, but when a company operates across borders this can cause issues.

We can take your preferred method of communication and tailor a suitable translation into multiple languages so that your local staff understand that they are valued.

We can translate the written word, interpret at company events or transcribe and subtitle video messages from the executive team.

In fact, if you can imagine any form of company communication then we can translate it!

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