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International Search Engine Optimisation

International Search Engine Optimisation

International Search Engine Optimisation

If your business is looking to reach out to an international audience then investment in international SEO is an absolute must.

SEO is the practice of ensuring that search engines can fully understand what your pages are about and encourage them to give you a high placement on their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

A keyword is a word that indicates the nature of your page but unfortunately, the world of SEO is much more complex than simply adding a single word into the content of your page.

Today search engines look for ‘long-tailed keywords’; a selection of words or a phrase that describes the page or answers questions that users may be asking such as “what is international SEO?”.

Latent Semantic Indexing (or LSI) is changing the way that content needs to be structured, requiring words that naturally occur around the subject to be included within the page. For example, the LSI for a page about SEO might be words like ‘Website’, SERPS’ or ‘Readers’.

Complex though this may be in the source language, it is clear that SEO work can’t simply be transferred from one language to another using precisely the same wording.

For your SEO to work properly in other languages you have to analyse the local SEO conditions and fully understand what buyers and indeed search engines are looking for.

The world isn’t all Google

Whilst the number one search engine in most of the biggest economies is Google, for businesses wishing to trade in China it will be Baidu and in Russia Yandex. Consequently, understanding how they work and what local SEO methods are effective is vital.

Search engines also tend to penalise pages that don’t read naturally. The aim is to deliver pages that answer questions that the reader is asking and provide an interesting and engaging experience.

This means that your on-page SEO can’t be allowed to detract from the readability of the content or website visitors will simply not stay around, leading to a penalty from the search engines

How Teneo can help with your international SEO

International SEO

Our SEO experts will take time to understand your aims and the type of content that you want to deliver.

We’ll look at the markets you wish to enter and complete a full SEO analysis of the market and opportunities for high SERPs placement.

We’ll translate your materials into a fully localized version, weaving in the results of our extensive research.

Once the project is underway, we’ll work with you to understand the results, refine the approach and ensure that you get exceptional placement in your target markets.

Relying on auto-translate can be a big mistake

Most browsers will include the option of auto-translating any webpage but if you have a finely crafted message, with perfectly integrated SEO, then this can be worse than useless.

A badly translated page will make your brand look sloppy and uncaring about the local market.

Our linguistic experts can help you write specialised landing pages, each precisely honed to appeal to your target market and including cohesive SEO that will read naturally to your potential customers.

If you are using digital marketing with sign-ups and delivering content such as eBooks then we can translate these into a market appropriate form.

And we are experienced in transcreating marketing assets so that your websites, landing pages and calls to action all speak to your audience in the manner in which you intend.

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