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Legal Translation


The importance of legal translation can’t be understated as the results of an error don’t bear thinking about.

Contracts, for instance, confer both rights and duties on the parties involved.

A mistranslation of these can lead to an avoidable lawsuit which can be costly and will most likely cause the breakdown of the business relationship.

Alternatively, a transparent, accurate translation allows the parties to fully understand what benefits they can expect as a result of the agreement and what they will be required to do.

Our customers appreciate the fact that they are partnering with a translation company that understands the legal sector.

We have been working with many of our clients for years and our specialist legal translation team are fully experienced in all aspects of the profession.

Although our legal translation service is headquartered in the UK we work with firms and translators all over the world, bringing the best expertise to our clients.

Is your translation ‘authentic’?

There are two types of translation in the legal sector; A convenience translation and an authentic translation.

As the name suggests a convenience translation is provided for the convenience of the reader, perhaps to explain aspects of a transaction or to illustrate an issue.

An authentic translation is certified to be such and generally speaking courts will only rely upon authentic translations.

Given that languages often use different structures and conventions, it is inadvisable to simply apply a literal translation. Therefore, our legal experts will look at the meaning and spirit of the source text and then choose the appropriate wording in the target language that will accurately convey this meaning.

Teneo legal translation services


They say that you only appreciate the value of a contract when things go wrong and the same is true for a translation.

For things that matter it is vital that you invest in a professional legal translation service that you can trust.

We typically help our clients with;

  • Contracts
  • Statement and deposition transcription and translations
  • Live interpreting
  • Terms and conditions
  • GDPR & Privacy policies
  • Business meeting transcription
  • Court document translation
  • Certification
  • Intellectual property
  • Lease, labour and property agreements
  • Licences, permits and localized power of attorney.

Whatever your legal translation requirements our expert linguists can help.

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