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Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

One of the most demanding sectors, translating for life sciences requires accuracy and an appreciation of the technical terminology involved.

This is without a doubt one of the broadest areas in which we work, ranging from pharmaceuticals to bioscience to medical device manufacture.

Whilst the language is important, our clients are just as concerned with regulatory compliance and our  translators ensure that the delivered project is fully compliant in the target territory.

Our clients need a translation service that can take the original text and translate it in such a way that dosage and usage instructions, data sheets and research materials provide the complete picture.

We have an extensive database of over 1000 translators to call upon and we have linguists who specialise in the life sciences meaning that we are always able to provide the perfect solution for your project.

Teneo translation services can assist you with projects such as;

  • Product information text
  • Clinical reports
  • Research materials
  • Policy and procedure documentation
  • Product information and data sheets
  • Certifications
  • Clinical studies
  • Scientific documentation
  • Medical device instructions

When you choose to work with Teneo, we will appoint a project manager who will take your requirements and identify the right translators who have a combination of native-speaking linguistic skills and technical knowledge so that you get the perfect outcome.

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