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Marketing Translation

Market Research

Your market research language partner

Market research is pivotal for an effective marketing strategy and gains an extra layer of complexity when your clients are moving into new territories.

Teneo translations provide class-leading language services especially designed for the market research sector.

Consecutive Interpreting

The language partners you can trust

Your clients look to you to provide them with exceptional research into their area of interest and in turn you need to know that you have language partners that you can rely upon.

As experts in our field we work with market research companies large and small to provide them with the very best in interpretation and translation.

Whether you are looking for pre-field survey translation or a simultaneous interpreter for in-depth interviews, we can help.

This means that you can present your analysis with confidence knowing that you are giving your client a fully nuanced report.

Quality is the key

Effective translation isn’t just about swapping one word for another, it’s much more than that.

Understanding the subtle shades of meaning can be the difference between a perceptive survey that adds value and an also-ran.

We only use very experienced native speakers who can not only translate but truly localize your surveys so that you are able to develop real insight for your clients.

All of our work is quality checked by a second native speaker and our quality manager before it is released as a finished project.

What is Simultaneous Interpreting?


Our translation services are specially designed to ensure that as a market research professional, you have the tools you need to do an exceptional job.

From pre-field translation of CAPI prompts, discussion guides, survey questions and screeners to post-survey translation of qualitative responses and free-form discussion, our language experts are there to help.

We have an extensive team of in-country and Quality Assurance professionals who are able to help you with all aspects of your project.

Transcreation is the method of translating the original creative assets and then shifting gear to produce something that doesn’t translate exactly but still retains the spirit and power of the original campaign.

Our professional marketing linguists will work with you to produce assets that work in your target language, producing documents that are true to the spirit of the original.



International subtitling

Many of our market research clients conduct real-time, in-depth and focus group style research. This is fine if it is in your own language but what if you are working overseas?

We can provide interpreters who can work alongside you to simultaneously interpret questions and responses and give you the flavour of any free-form discussion.

Our transcription service can take a recording or chat room discussion in one language and deliver a hard copy transcript in one or more other languages which is especially useful if you are working with multi-territory teams.

And of course, we are able to provide interpreters who will log on to remote calls to help you conduct research remotely, making the whole exercise much quicker and more cost-effective.

Translating ideas, not words

As a market research professional, you understand that it’s not necessarily what people say in a focus group but how they say it.

Exactly the same goes for translation.

Our highly experienced and professional translators work extensively with our clients to ensure that pre-field work correctly communicates the meaning rather than just the words.

Once the results are in, we can translate the responses, delivering the ideas, concepts and emotions behind the language used and even explaining the meaning behind local idioms.

Responsive, collaborative, accessible

Our Clients

Our market research clients tell us that what they particularly value about our service is the collaborative approach that we employ.

We work with our clients to help them understand local conditions, attitudes and approaches to develop appropriate research assets.

Where researchers are using specialist methods such as online ethnography/webnography we can work with the project team to improve the effectiveness.

We’re always available to discuss your needs and work through your approach, highlighting any areas that may need further investigation and giving you options.

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The world of market research is complex and no two of our clients are the same.

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