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Marketing Translation

Market Research

Market Research

When you are thinking about entering new markets reliable information is like gold dust.

You’ll be asking yourself questions like

  • Who are my competitors?
  • Who are my customers?
  • What do my customers like?
  • What are the market opportunities?
  • What pitfalls can I expect?

All valid questions but getting the answers, especially when your new target market speaks a different language can be really difficult.

The best way to find out what your potential customers think is to ask them, what the Japanese call “genchi genbutsu” or going to the source.

We’re able to help you carry out market research into local markets, translating the results into your language to ensure that you are getting the whole picture.

Our native-speaking translators will take the language of the market research, of your customers and give you the real flavour of their feedback.

This isn’t just translation of words, it is translation of thought.

And this is important, because although words may translate literally, they may not carry the same weight or meaning from the source language into your own.

We can partner with your marketing agency to ask questions that get right to the heart of the matter, ensuring that you don’t enter a marketplace that isn’t ready and attuned to your product.

We’ll help you to understand any conflicting local customs and ensure that the translation of any test marketing is done correctly.

In short – we’ll stop you wasting money on ineffective market research.

We have a database of over 1000 translators who can take your materials and translate them into your target language quickly and accurately, ensuring that they convey your intended meaning.

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