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Marketing translation services

Marketing Translation Services

Marketing translation services

Marketing is an art and when you are putting your all into a finely honed campaign it would be a tragedy if all that work was wasted by a poor translation.

Badly translated copy can end up being embarrassing and causing significant brand damage in the target market.

We work with our marketing clients to ensure that their efforts are not wasted by ensuring that marketing messages are delivered accurately but also follow local conventions and customs.

But marketing translation isn’t just about making sure that a text is translated accurately.

The marketing assets need to retain the full power and persuasiveness of the original creative vision and doing this takes expertise and talent.

Our highly experienced marketing linguists fully understand the requirements of marketing and are able to match this with an appreciation of local sensibilities that only a native speaker has, giving our clients a service that they can rely upon.

We make sure that our translation project managers work with our clients and/or their agency, getting to know the original brief, the aims and developing a deep understanding of the project as a whole.

Only when they have developed this understanding do they search our database of over 1000 translators to find exactly the right person for the task.

Not translation but transcreation

Translation is the practice of taking copy in one language and converting it, substantially exactly into another language.

The problem for marketers is that this is rarely enough.

For example, Italian and English share a common root in Latin and many words sound or look very similar, however jokes simply don’t translate well.

So copywriters may use puns, jokes and idioms to make a point about their brand which work well in English but are utterly incomprehensible in Italian.

But conversely, if you are English or American and you borrow something from an Italian, would you know what they meant if they told you “its name was Peter”?*

Given that the two languages share a common root, and that the two countries are geographically close this can be a surprise to many.

Similarly, alliterations can work really well in one language and fail completely in another.

The marketing translators we use are primarily excellent writers with a full appreciation of the skill of the marketer and they use their experience to craft perfectly polished copy that appeals to the local audience.

We are also able to advise our clients on words that may not work well in the target language due to slang or dialect terms to avoid an embarrassing faux pas.

All the marketing translation services you need

We pride ourselves on giving our clients a wide variety of different language services.

Our expert linguistic team can help with;

  • Translating marketing copy
  • Multi-language video subtitles and closed captions
  • Advising on the cultural impact of campaign messaging
  • International market research
  • Transcreation of brand messaging
  • Internationalising websites
  • International SEO
  • Interpreting inbound communications

We are always here to help with whatever aspect of international marketing you need.

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