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Over the Phone interpretation

Over the Phone interpretation

Over the Phone interpretation

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to have an interpreter present in a situation. If a sudden or unexpected issue arises then you may need the services of an interpreter over the phone.

Interpreters can attend using the telephone as a cost-effective and quick way of getting the assistance of an expert linguist when you need one.

Our interpreter can relay instructions, help interpret a conversation or relay the discussion in a meeting. Whatever the need we can allocate the right interpreter for your business.

Having a native speaking interpreter at the end of the line will certainly allow the proceeding to go smoother, reduce errors & misunderstandings and put the participants at ease.

With a database of over 1000 native-speaking interpreters, help is only a phone call away.

We provide you with a dedicated, secure telephone system that will allow you to conduct a three-way call and get help from our experienced over-the-phone interpreters in more than 150 languages.

Our interpreters can help your organisation with;

  • Medical histories
  • Insurance investigations
  • Expert interviews
  • Conference and business calls
  • Webinars
  • Legal testimony

In fact, we can help with any situation where you need an interpreter to be available over the phone.

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