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More and more clients are coming to us to talk about compliance translations.

We live in a globally connected economy and for companies operating across borders, there can be significant compliance burdens.

Compliance can take many forms, including financial regulations, HR and employment law, anti-bribery, data protection and accounting standards to name but a few.

Unfortunately, many of the regulatory regimes don’t allow any wriggle room or opportunity to put right mistakes and a breach can be very costly indeed.

That’s why we at Teneo introduced our regulatory compliance translation service.

We only use native speakers who have the skills and sector-specific experience that allows them to review and translate your documentation into a compliant form.

For clients who are applying for registration, we will appoint an experienced project manager who will progress the applications through, feeding back translated correspondence and making sure that your initial application makes complete sense and is presented to local professional standards.

We can provide document translators and interpreters for phone and video meetings with regulators to allow you to present your case.

And where there has been a breach we can work with your internal compliance officers to help translate your notification documentation into a professional and culturally appropriate submission.

Many businesses such as banks and insurers are required to report on a schedule to regulators and we can help to translate your report into a polished document that will effectively show the quality of your compliance measures.

If you have internal compliance procedures or have your own ISO or BS standards to comply with then you’ll be pleased to know that our translation process is fully compliant with BS EN ISO 17100:2015 meaning that your end-to-end quality assurance is complete.

With a database of over 1000 professional, native-speaking translators we will have the perfect professional to help you with your project.

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