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Marketers spend a great deal of time and energy producing exactly the right message for their target market.

Whether it be packaging design, print advertising, brand messaging or social media, the collateral all has to work together as a whole.

When you devote time, creative intensity and of course money to your marketing campaign then it is a tragedy if you lose all of the good work with a poor translation.

A great translation service will help you take all of that collateral and move it to your new target market, ensuring that the messaging is on point, culturally sensitive and still as powerful as the original.

We’ve all seen ridiculous Google translations and this is exactly the thing that you want to avoid with your brand.

Using professional, experienced marketing translators means that you won’t have to suffer the ignominy of a wonderfully crafted marketing message being destroyed by an awful turn of phrase.

Superb translation can take your copy and make it sing in your target language.

Not so much translation as transcreation

Although translation works in most cases, sometimes it simply isn’t enough.

The problem is that messages, idioms, puns and jokes often don’t travel across borders.

Using a phrase that is perfectly acceptable in one country might be insensitive or even inflammatory in another.

This is where transcreation comes in.

Transcreation is the method of translating the original creative assets and then shifting gear to produce something that doesn’t translate exactly but still retains the spirit and power of the original campaign.

Our professional marketing linguists will work with you to produce assets that work in your target language, producing documents that are true to the spirit of the original.

Dedicated Project Manager

We have a huge database of translators who can take your marketing materials and translate into over 150 languages and so you can be sure of excellent quality output.

When you work with us we’ll appoint a dedicated project manager who will work with your project team to fully understand the aims of the campaign and will then use our fully experienced linguists to  produce exactly the deliverables you require.

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