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Human Resources

When your company invests in training it is sending a message to your people.

You are saying that they are valued

This all well and good if you are confident that all of your staff speak the same language but if your business operates across borders then the investment can be wasted.

Teneo can take your training materials and make sure that they are appropriate for the territory in which they are delivered.

Whether you are producing compliance software for GDPR or delivering video management training we can help.

Our specialist team can take your materials and provide translations that are not only accurate but culturally sensitive to local conditions.

We can advise where parts of the material won’t work (jokes rarely transfer across borders) and we can suggest alternative approaches.

For audio training resources, we are able to provide local language transcriptions so that staff can follow along and understand the meanings.

When you are delivering training using video resources, we can transcribe into the target language and provide with the correct file formats such as .str files that will allow you to have multiple language captions and subtitles.

If you have compliance training that needs to be delivered and certified as effective, we can work with your Learning and Development team to ensure that the presentations and any tests are accurately translated and make full sense.

Above all, Teneo can act as your partners in the development and delivery of L&D resources and in keeping them up to date and relevant.

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