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Transcription is the process of converting speech from a digital audio recording or video to written form and at Teneo we are able to help with all forms of transcription.

Same language transcription


A transcription can prove extremely useful for businesses that have audio or video content that they would like to turn into text form media.

Typically, a recording of a major conference speech or the content of a press conference can be transcribed into an accurate record for archiving or further use in marketing.

Transcription can also form the basis of subtitling of videos to make them more discoverable by search engines and more accessible for members of the public. You can find out more about our subtitling service here. [internal link]

Our transcription service is also useful when conducting academic research with notes being dictated or where interviews have been held with research subjects.

Whatever the source, our expert transcribers can produce a document in any format within a short space of time.

Multi-person transcription

Having a full and complete written record of the proceedings of a meeting or conference can be very helpful for many organisations.

A transcription from an audio file can form the basis of a set of board minutes or an after meeting send-out for a business gathering that had notable speakers.

HR, disciplinary and grievance interviews may also require a full and accurate set of notes to document the process and we are well versed in working with HR professionals on this type of project.

Our expert transcribers can take an audio file in any format or any language and produce a document that will be an accurate representation of the proceedings.

Translated transcription


Where speeches are given to an audience from mixed locations it can be helpful to send out a later transcript in their own language.

Conferences, business meetings and presentations all benefit from having a transcription that forms a record of the proceedings, allowing delegates to appreciate points that they may have missed at the live event.

In this case, the original digital audio file will be transcripted into a same language document and then our skilled linguists will translate, typing it into the target language.

For technical or academic subjects, we have subject expert translators who will be able to understand and accurately translate specific terms or concepts into the equivalent form in a different language.

New to transcription?

If you have never used a transcription service before then don’t worry.

We are happy to talk you through the process and explain all of the features that are available to you.

We aim to provide you with the transcription you need, quickly, accurately and securely.

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