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Translation for Market Research is a very specialised skill and at Teneo Translations we have developed a range of translation services that are designed specifically for our MR clients.

Whether you need a single questionnaire translating into one language, or you have a multi-territory, multi-asset project, we’re here to help.

We assign an account manager who will get to know your specific needs and will be able to suggest the most effective method of providing a perfect outcome.

Document Translation

Arguably the area where the biggest mistakes can be made because it seems so simple!

Translating a document such as a discussion prompt sheet can seem like an easy task but swapping words like for like may not end up with your local researcher raising exactly the right subjects in exactly the right way.

Our document translation service uses in-country and in-house language experts to ensure that your market research assets retain the full nuance of your investigation.

And if we feel that we have an idea that may help then we won’t keep it to ourselves as we prefer to work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that they get the very best outcomes from their projects.

Full service partners

We work with market researchers on a huge range of different projects and over the years we have developed an equally impressive range of language services including;

  • Document translation
  • Survey localisation
  • Brand survey insight
  • Focus group transcription
  • Content analysis
  • Report and analysis translation
  • UGC translation
  • Web survey localisation

Cultural empathy

Translation bots are ten a penny on the web but there’s a massive risk here.

What would happen if your company asked a culturally inappropriate question on behalf of your clients?

We take away that risk by assigning translators who are native speakers that understand the locality and any cultural sensitivities.

All of our work is then checked and proof-read by a fully experienced second pair of eyes adding to the knowledge and insight added.

Our aim is to give you a translation that is much more than simply a replication of a source document into something that will make complete sense, and won’t upset people or expose you or your client to reputational risk.

Your project partners

Our aim is to add real value for our clients by becoming their partners in the market research process.

We like to work with you to understand what you are aiming to achieve, how you want to go about it and to provide suggestions as to how we can help.

We’ll help in developing assets, carrying out field work, analysing the results and then presenting back to the client.

In short we’ll make sure that the quality you deliver locally is replicated across all the territories you survey giving your clients the insight they need.

Interpretation for market research

Interpretation is the art of taking the spoken word and accurately conveying the meaning, intent and emotion.

It’s far more than just a word swap – it’s all about making sure that the concepts and ideas are communicated effectively, allowing the researcher to form valid conclusions based on the results.

Nuance is everything

The spoken word can convey so many things but if it is not interpreted correctly, can give an entirely mistaken impression.

Imagine the word ‘perfect’ said in a sarcastic manner. It means something completely different when written. This is why interpreters must have a full grasp of the language but also need to have a cultural understanding and sensitivity that gives the end-user of the research a full and complete picture.

Our interpreters are highly experienced in all types of market research settings, meaning that they can cope with a variety of research methods and still deliver exceptional results.

Full service interpretation

We have a huge panel of professional interpreters which means that we can offer a full range of services for all market research settings. These include;

  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Focus group assistance
  • Webchat interpretation
  • Call interpretation
  • In-depth, face to face interview assistance
  • Pre-fieldwork planning
  • Prompt interpretation
  • Interview recording transcription

These are only a few of the services we have successfully delivered for our clients so if what you want isn’t listed then give us a call and let’s talk!

A changing world demands flexibility

One of the key features of our service is the flexibility that we build in.

In a post-COVID world, this is more important than ever, with market research being carried out in ever more ingenious ways.

We’re happy to work with you on your research however it is conducted, whether that be through Zoom/Teams calls, webchat or face to face.

In a rapidly changing world with new apps and software being released daily, we are happy to help you develop and localise whatever solution you have chosen.

This level of agility gives you the ability to change your approach at a moment’s notice should you need to pivot to develop your research.

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