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Successful companies looking to expand overseas understand that market testing is central to making the most of their investment.

Market testing is well understood for home markets but when looking to sell across borders things get much more complicated.

From translating your brand messaging correctly to assessing the suitability of your business model and company culture, we can advise you on your move.

Does your name say what you think it does?

A simple Google search will produce a plethora of examples where a company has launched an existing product into a new country only to find the name doesn’t translate well.

When Coca-Cola launched in China it mistakenly branded itself as ‘bite the wax tadpole’ for instance.

Whilst it might provide us with a chuckle or two, for companies that don’t have the resources of one of the world’s largest companies, getting it wrong when entering a new market can be a very sobering experience.

We’ll make sure that your branding, packaging, marketing and communications all work well in your target language and that your marketing spend won’t be wasted.

It’s not just about language

Language is a big part of what we do but when you are looking at expanding overseas it is not enough to just look at the words on the page.

Teneo can help you with many other questions when you are assessing the cultural fit with your target country;

  • Can you find employees with the right skills?
  • Who are the local competitors?
  • Will your business model transfer?
  • Will your company culture transfer?
  • Is there a local demand?

Having access to more than 1000 native linguists mean that we can get accurate translations but much more importantly we can provide you with project managers and translators who will be able to tell you how the local population think.

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