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There can’t be many organisations that haven’t seen the benefits of video conferencing and although this works well when everyone speaks the same language it can be difficult if you have people with different needs.

Teneo offers video conference interpreting for a wide range of uses from medical consultations to HR interviews.

Remote interpreting is often used at times of stress and it is important to have an experienced interpreter who can put the participants at ease and give them confidence that their words won’t just be transferred verbatim into another language but that the spirit and nuances will also be taken into account.

By using native-speaking interpreters, we build that confidence quickly, leading to a much more satisfactory outcome.

Video interpreting allows you to have the very best interpreters on call just when you need them and when visual cues are required, such as when taking a medical history, video is the way to go.

We have over 1000 interpreters on call and when you need help, we’ll be there.

We can assist with a pre-booked video conference where we will log on at a mutually acceptable time or where time is of the essence, we can find interpreters at short-notice to get you out of a jam.

Having the ability to video conference with an interpreter attending can also help you increase customer service by providing remote advice or service to customers who are far away.

In fact, with good quality video now being available on mobile phones from remote locations, the uses for video interpreting are expanding almost daily. If you can imagine it, we can do it!

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