What Is Simultaneous Interpreting?

Simultaneous Interpreting Content

Simultaneous interpreting is when the interpreter speaks at the same time as the original speaker, translating from the source into the target language.

This is a very specialised form of interpreting and only the most experienced linguists can manage the task of listening and talking at exactly the same time with no loss of meaning.

Naturally, with two people speaking at the same time things could get confusing and so technological methods are used to make sure that everyone can get full value out of any event.

Simultaneous interpreters will usually be in a location that is removed from the speaking area so that their work doesn’t interfere with the meeting.

They will listen on headphones to the proceedings and translate into a microphone which is relayed into a central system.

Delegates at the event will be able to choose to listen to the original speaker or, by using provided earpieces, the interpreter’s output.

Given that this is all happening in real-time, each language requires its own interpreter. For large conferences that feature many speakers and delegates all using different languages, it will be necessary to have several linguists all delivering the interpreted content.

There are significant benefits to this method of interpretation. Having simultaneous interpreting means that the listening delegates can react in real-time and the speaker is able to maintain their flow giving all concerned a much better experience.

Simultaneous Interpreting does mean that there will be a technological requirement which Teneo is, of course, able to help with and for audiences from many different countries many interpreters will be required.

For smaller meetings, it is also possible to have a form of ‘whispering interpretation’ where the interpreter sits next to the listener and speaks very quietly so as not to disturb other attendees.

With a wide variety of interpreters on our books, we can provide people to help with events all across the world.

Our simultaneous interpreters are fully experienced in instantly swapping from the source to the target language, keeping the meaning and spirit of the original and we can provide linguists together with state of the art audio technology ensuring that clarity is always superb.

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