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Now more than ever companies are becoming global entities and as such, they employ a global workforce speaking many languages.

The need for fast, accurate translation has therefore never been greater.

Being able to attract the best staff in your location is the key starting point and recruiters who can speak clearly to their target employees are more likely to attract top-quality staff.

Through the onboarding and training process, it is important to have clear documentation that gives people the information they need and delivers a better joining experience.

And when staff are working it is vital that your HR and policy manuals are kept up to date and are in an easily understandable form.

Communication is the key

Smart businesses know that communicating with their staff is ultra-important in developing and maintaining morale and a sense of shared purpose.

Talking to them in their own language is an integral part of this, after all, as Nelson Mandela said;

“If you speak to people in a language they understand, it goes to their heads. If you speak to people in their own language, it goes to their hearts.”

Translating into another language isn’t just a matter of a straight swap of words.

Professional translation is about conveying meaning and understanding local culture and sensitivities.

At Teneo we have a database of over 1000 translators to call upon and we can provide people with experience and skills in HR and intracompany communications to make sure that you are talking to your people in their own language.

We’ll help you craft your comms so that they are culturally appropriate and speak to the hearts of your people.

Whether it be a company newsletter or video message from your CEO, we can help with translations into one or multiple languages.

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